Using The POWER of Web Video To Promote Your Business

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Attention Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: 

If you want to Boost Your Sales, Traffic and CRUSH your Competition, then
Online Web Commercial Videos by are your unfair advantage!

Yellow Pages, Print and even Television and Radio advertising is not as effective as it once was!

Why? Just look around…Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablet PC’s and Social Media
has changed all that forever! We live in an Internet driven “fast paced” world where people
want access to products, services and information and they want it FAST!

In these changing times as a small business owner or entrepreneur you have questions…

  • What’s your MOST POWERFUL Cost Effective way to attract attention to your business?
  • How do you CONVERT more prospects to happy customers and clients?
  • How do you RETAIN your valuable Customers / Clients?
  • How do you INCREASE repeat business?
  • How do you CUT your Advertising costs while being more EFFECTIVE?

Online web video!

Web videos increase sales, traffic & conversions for just about any business.

Best of all…web videos are more affordable than you think! 
 Videos can connect
you with new prospects and help keep existing clients and customers happy and in your
business at the speed of the Internet!  Once these online videos are online they work
for you 24-7 unlike no other media!

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So HOW can you use online videos for your business?…

Online videos can be used in many ways: On your website or blog, YouTube, Facebook,
social media sites, local online directories, linked in emails and online classified ads.

People are  in a hurry, and they want to get  information FAST! In fact, the reason you are
reading this text is more than likely because you watched the video FIRST on this page!
Without that video…you might have been LONG GONE! How may prospects does your
or blog lose every month by not using effective videos? 

Video tells your story better, faster and with More IMPACT, than most of the text on
your website. Most people would rather watch a short video, then to the take time reading
paragraphs of boring text! Combine text WITH VIDEO however is a total “game changer”!

So what can online videos do for your business?…

Internet videos can bring in new prospects and help to convert those prospects into SALES.

Videos are an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your company’s customer service
by having videos on your website or blog that educate, highlight products and services and
answer the most common questions that get asked on a daily basis. can help you put the pieces together!

At On The Web Video…we can help make your business more effective!  With our PROVEN
Video Marketing and Internet Marketing Services your business could be dominating
your LOCAL market on the search engines within days, and people searching for your products
and services could be watching videos about who you are, and how your business can help

It’s a FACT: People buy from those businesses that they like and trust…and online
marketing videos
can convey those important elements better than any other media.

Today, Over 60% of ALL Search Engine traffic is now Online VIDEO, and most small
businesses are not taking advantage of this huge paradigm shift…but your business could
easily take the lead, make more money and dominate your market…and we can help!

At On The Web VIDEO we specialize in bringing small business and home business owners
new customers while reducing their advertising budgets, even in a down economy.

Video is the Way To GO so click the links below to check out some of our work!
The links below will show you different styles of  videos i.e. “Custom Animated Slide Show”,
“Web Commercial Videos”, ”Promo Style Videos”, “Whiteboard Animation Videos” and More!


     Want to Watch Some of our Video EXAMPLES ?  CLICK  HERE!

     Need a High Quality Video but on a Tight Budget (Click Here)?

     Whiteboard Animation Videos (These are COOL!)

     Puppet Videos to Promote Your Business (Hot!)

     Carpet Cleaning Marketing Videos

     High IMPACT Online Classified Ad Design HERE

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Explore our website, download our FREE Reports and marketing tips. Give us a call
in Salem, Oregon at 971-240-6000 for more information on our  “Done-for-You” Internet
Video Marketing and Internet Marketing Services
for your local business.

We work with Small Businesses, Home Businesses and Internet entrepreneurs.
It’s very likely we can help you to tap into more traffic, leads and sales and do it in  a very
cost effective way.

We can save you money and time and help you focus your advertising in new and exciting ways
for increased returns. “We bring your marketing to LIFE!”

Again, if you want to Boost Your Sales, Traffic and CRUSH your Competition, then
Online Web Video Marketing  by will give you the unfair advantage!

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