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Need an EFFECTIVE website for your Business? Your website is the “Center Hub” for ALL your online marketing. A website that is built for marketing is the key to maximizing all your online efforts.

Give us a call at OnTheWebVIDEO.com in Salem Oregon at 971-240-6000 and let’s chat about how to increase the profits of your business by using web design combined with online web commercials like these two videos we created below! 


 Web Design Video 1

Video 2:  Luis’ Web Design Story


The video above is a web design story about Luis. He was sad and this video about web design tells his story.

Not only does a website need to be appealing to the eyes, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and have content that keeps prospects glued to your website.

Each page should have a specific goal and outcome in mind. Unless your web designer understands “sales and marketing”, you could spend thousands of dollars and end up falling short.

Now, take a look at some of our creations. You’ll notice they are clean, professional, easy to navigate and have many useful features.

Each website is created to meet the needs of the business…not just another pretty fill-in-the-blank, one size fits all template.

Most of these also contain video to make each website much more effective when it comes to generating loyal customers/clients, leads and sales.

Website #1 Flooring and Carpets Company

Website #2 Flooring and Painting

Website #3 Janitorial Company

Website #4 Flooring Company

Website #6 Painting Company

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Don’t settle for just a “pretty website”!  We can help you to decide which features you need and which ones you don’t as well as the best content to compliment all of your marketing plans.

Call OnTheWebVIDEO.com at 971-240-6000 and let’s chat about taking your business to the next level!


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