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The Biggest Problem in today’s marketing environment is GETTING and KEEPING your website or blog visitors’ ATTENTION. Did you know? The average website visitor only stays on a web page for 5-7 seconds? That is NOT enough time to generate a lead or a sale!

So what do you do? Watch this short video for 3 POWERFUL Solutions and turn your website or blog into a 24-7 sales machine. For DEMOS see the links below this video and then give us a call at 971-240-6000.



These videos work GREAT for Products, Services and e-Commerce sites as well. BIG companies are using technology like this, now small to medium sized companies can too! These are affordable and they work! Check out some of these LIVE DEMOS to see them in action


Spokesperson Videos are a Great Way to Boost Sales! Call OnTheWebVIDEO.com at 971-240-6000

Spokesperson Videos   4 Examples – Click Here

These can be customized with your company name, phone number and your business or product image behind the spokesperson. Videos can be used on your website, blog, Youtube and even Facebook and social media! This is a great way to show professionalism, keep visitors and customers/clients longer on your website, and when used on social media and video sharing sites, drive traffic back to your business. If you want more leads, phone calls, sales and traffic this is a smart way to go!


Spokesperson Mini Videos are a Great Way to Boost Sales! Call OnTheWebVIDEO.com at 971-240-6000

Spokesperson Mini   1 Example – Click Here

Don’t have room on your webpage or blog post for a video! Then the Spokesperson Mini is right for you. These appear in the corner of your web page or blog post (yes you can have these created for multiple pages!) and can also be programmed to reveal a button that can link to a web page (or your site or on any other web page outside of your site), a count down timer, link to a coupon page etc.

With most websites, we can create a DEMO of what these will look like with your site (“Try before you buy” without editing your website) and if you like it, then once you pay, we give you a couple lines of code to install or give to your webmaster to install. After that they run on complete auto-pilot giving a perfect ‘warm welcome’ to each new visitor on your website.


Video Avatars are a Great Way to Boost Sales! Call OnTheWebVIDEO.com at 971-240-6000

Video Avatars   Example 1     Example 2     Example 3   Example 4

These work just like the Spokesperson Mini above, except the character is a 2D or 3D animated avatar. We use a special text to speech technology that is quite natural sounding. These Video Avatars are most helpful where you might want a custom script written to give your website visitor directions, like which pages to visit, subscribe to email list, or a call to action to pick up the phone. They can also be programmed with the button that appears underneath the Avatar that has many different features. So if you have a website that has a lot going on, sometimes it is helpful to give your visitor a special marketing message, or one or two choices to focus on for best results while visiting your website.



Your blog or website is the CENTER of all of your marketing. Making this asset more effective makes all of your marketing more more affordable and effective and is a smart way to add to your bottom line. Call us today! 971-240-6000 We will be happy to answer your questions, setup demos and get your website ROCKIN’ !


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