Puppet Business Marketing Videos

Puppet Business Marketing Videos 
are a really unique and engaging way of getting an unfair
advantage over your 
competition and your prospects and clients will LOVE these!   Proven to keep your audience glued to the Screen as they watch your “Story” unfold while the video sells them on your company, product or service!

The example we have here is for a chiropractor. This can branded with your Name, Phone Number
and Website and at the end of the video we can include your contact details and even customize a
special offer to get prospects to take immediate action! We have additional categories listed below.

Chiropractor Business Puppet Marketing Video Sample


(Watch the Chiropractor Business Puppet Marketing Video Sample Above)

Many companies that create these puppet style videos charge THOUSANDS of dollars per
finished minute. This means that a 1 minute video can cost you in the $1-$2000 range
or more. OUCH!
 That being said if your company fits in one of the categories below we can

edit these videos and add your Company Logo/ Picture and contact information for only $499!
(Additional available categories listed below)

These Puppet Videos help you to stand out from the crowd and they get RESULTS!


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Puppet Videos have these AMAZING benefits:

Benefit #1 – Helps your business to stand out from your competition
Benefit #2 – Entertains your prospects and customers/clients
Benefit #3 – Keeps your prospects attention on your business longer
Benefit #4 – Increased potential for others to share your video (free viral traffic)
Benefit #5 – Generates more leads and sales


You can use these videos on your website or blog, YouTube to drive traffic and Facebook as well!
When people see your video they will remember you!  So call us TODAY at 971-240-6000 !

The Categories below are available for Puppet Videos.

  • Accountants
  • Automotive Sales & Service
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentist
  • Florist
  • Lawyers (Personal Injury)
  • Personal Trainers
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants (Can be used for any style restaurant)

Videos are the #1 Best way
 to communicate with your audience online. No other medium is as
powerful as video marketing? Why? Simple…people LOVE watching videos and prefer videos over
reading text on a page.

This is why sites like YouTube are one of the top 3 most popular websites in the WORLD! 
Using video in your business to communicate to prospects and customers is one of the best things
to do to take your business to another level. Plus videos work around the clock 24-7 to communicate
to others the benefits of your brand as well as the value your products and services.


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We also offer additional services such as YouTube Channel and Keyword Optimization Setup,
YouTube Custom Channel Art Design, Google + Setup for Businesses and more. Just click the
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 and we will answer your questions and customize a solution that
is perfect for your business and budget!

At OnTheWebVIDEO.com we can design an effective video marketing campaign to bring in new
customers/clients and to help boost your bottom line profits. Just give us a call at 971-240-6000
or email us at steve@onthewebvideo.com for a free consultation and quote.
We’ll be happy to help you!


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