Carpet Cleaning Marketing Videos to Increase Sales

5  RED HOT TIPS for Carpet Cleaning Companies (or ANY business) to Increase your Customer base by using Web Videos! Here’s HOW….

The 3 web commercials below are designed to get your carpet cleaning business more Sales, Leads and Traffic! Each can be branded with your company logo, website address and phone number to make it easy for prospects or customers to contact you! These videos add professionalism and credibility to your website and marketing. Videos of this QUALITY can easily cost $1500 or more EACH to have produced but we get you started for MUCH LESS!  Call us at 971-240-6000 for a FREE Consultation and Quote!

View all 3 videos, then read the 5 Red Hot Marketing Tips below and then Click the “Let’s Get Started” button to get a free quote and advice on the best ways to apply these videos to supercharge your marketing.

Carpet Cleaning Web Commercial Version 1

Carpet Cleaning Web Commercial Version 2

Tile and Grout Cleaning Web Commercial

See a what a Branded Carpet Cleaning Video looks like on a webpage HERE 

Here’s what a Branded Carpet Cleaning Video looks like on YouTube


Utilizing Online Web Video…

…to promote your carpet cleaning business (or any business) is one of the smartest marketing investments you could ever make! No other online or offline marketing medium offers so much power and value for such a low cost when compared to TV, Radio and Print advertising. Web video when used in combination with other forms of advertising can make all your marketing come to LIFE with a higher ROI.

Of course, in today’s example we are using Carpet Cleaning Marketing Videos but the same concepts will work for any business. Check out the 5 Hot Marketing Tips below and contact us at 971-240-6000 so we can create a video marketing campaign for your type of business and budget!

5  RED HOT TIPS for Carpet Cleaning Companies (or ANY business) to Increase  your Customer base by using Web Videos! Here’s HOW….

Hot Tip #1)
Have these video re-branded with your company details
by calling 971-240-6000. (Businesses other than carpet cleaners? Call us! )

Hot Tip #2) Create a keyword optimized YouTube account  and upload these videos there. These videos can be linked back to your website/blog for more targeted traffic, and can be shared by others for additional FREE exposure! (We can setup/keyword optimize a YouTube channel for your business)

Hot Tip #3) Next take the YouTube video embed codes and embed these videos on your main page or additional pages of your website or blog. This will create more credibility and trust, as well as keep prospects on your website longer which can lead to better rankings in the search engines.

Hot Tip #4) Upload these videos to your Facebook Business page and even your personal Facebook profile to show them off to your friends. People can like and share your videos giving you some Social Media LOVE to be happy about. (That’s free advertising…cool!)

Hot Tip #5) Create a signature file in your email. Under your name, business name and phone number you could have a link that says something like…”Check out our VIDEOS HERE!” and link that to any page on your website that contains your videos…or link it to YouTube channel, etc. Now every email you send or reply to your videos and company messages are getting more views and every email has to potential to get your more business!

These are only a FEW ideas of how videos can help you get more sales, leads and traffic!

Best Way to INCREASE the ROI on your Advertising and Marketing Efforts?

Use Videos!
Use videos on your website/blog, on Video Sharing sites, rank videos on the Search Engines and use videos on Facebook and Social Media!

The longer people stay on your website or blog, the better chance you have for them to check out your products and services and to contact you via phone, email or website form. Videos KEEP people on your website LONGER, are more professional and makes a greater IMPRESSION to get them to TAKE ACTION!
This is called CONVERSION and is where most businesses fall FLAT! Once you have traffic, you need to CONVERT that traffic to leads and sales!

Videos are EFFECTIVE because People  Remember:

  • 20% of what they HEAR     (audio or verbal sales pitch)
  • 30% of what they SEE     (website text and graphics)
  • 70% of what the SEE AND HEAR!     (VIDEO!)


Does Video Marketing REALLY Work?

I have worked with companies that have ordered up to 10 videos from me and those videos from a couple years ago are still highly ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube.

To this day these videos are still driving traffic long after they have been paid for! One Motel I created a video for has a special offer I designed at the end and the past two years that one video has had over 8,000 views! (Click the link to see proof!)

How does the motel know that their videos are working?   Because in the video I tell the prospect to call the motel’s 800 number to get a special discount by telling them they viewed the video. Over 2 years later…they are still getting calls! (They Love It!)

Are you using VIDEOS in your Business? If not…you should be!

Call us TODAY in Salem Oregon and ask for Steve Roth at 971-240-6000
and I can answer your questions, design a video marketing program to suit your budget. I’ll do my best to help you to grow your carpet cleaning business (or any business) and make your next year the best year yet! Better yet click the big blue button and let’s get you started…


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