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Stephen Roth
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OnTheWebVIDEO.com was founded to help LOCAL Businesses implement and cash-in on the amazing Profit Pulling Power of the Internet. We do Web Design, Video Creation and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Custom Online Ad design and much more.  The HUGE BENEFIT and VALUE  that we bring is the broad range of business experience that helps us relate to many different kinds of businesses.

Many companies can create pretty designs, but if they do not understand your business, your challenges and what makes your business “tick” then how well is that pretty design going to work to create more customers and revenue? Also there is an art and a science to direct sales that can not be learned by just building websites. You need it ALL…business experience, combined with direct sales and Internet marketing skills and resources to make it all work. That’s what we can offer you should you choose to work with us :-)

In my 25+ years of business experience, with retail, direct sales, financial services management, sales trainer, and the past 10 years of Internet Marketing and entrepreneurship,  I have enjoyed the exciting journey.  Below are some of the business models from blue collar to white collar jobs as well as entrepreneurial efforts I have experienced over the years.  All these experiences give me a great deal of  ”working knowledge” to bring you effective marketing that takes your business to a higher level.  I’ll start with my earliest work experience to the present. Many of these overlap:

  • 2 Years Hospital Pharmacy (long long time ago!)
  • 3 Years Working in Warehouses driving fork lift.
  • 2 Years Guitar Instructor with over 70 students a week.
  • 1 Year Car Factory in LA California Evenings Performing in Night Clubs.
  • 4 Years Furniture Sales Driver delivering furniture- Seattle WA
  • 10+ Years performing musician and recording studio work. OR, WA, CA
  • 6 Years Manager of Music Retail Department. Salem, OR
  • 10 Years Regional Manager Fortune 100 Financial Services. Oregon
    (Mortgages, Life, Health, Auto Insurance, Legal Protection, Investments, Annuities, Retirement Plans)
  • 4 Years Created and Operated Online City Directory Salem, OR
  • 6 Years Rep to National Training Director Network Marketing,  United States
  • 1 Year Chairman Coordinator  Health and Wellness Company CA
  • 3+ Years Founded and Operating OnTheWebVIDEO.com
  • Affiliate Marketing with Empower Network and various affiliate products….Plus the great experiences of working with forward thinking business people like you that know the future of the Internet is NOW!

Let’s face it…most businesses know they NEED a greater online presence, but don’t know where to start or who to trust!

The Solution?

OnTheWebVIDEO.com to the rescue! We can make Video Marketing & Internet Marketing for your Local Business EASY and FUN! If you are ready for a competitive edge over your competition, then let OnTheWebVIDEO.com do the heavy lifting with your online marketing efforts!

Check out our website, watch our videos, and give us a call 971-240-6000! We’re here to help you end the confusing struggle of how to use the Internet to build your business profits and to have more fun and success in the process!


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