What Every Business NEEDS TO KNOW
About Online Video Marketing!

Remember the good old days when a Yellow Page or Print ad got your phone ringing off the hook? Or how about a Radio or TV Spot that used to drive people to your place of business? Maybe Coupons were your method of choice. And for some businesses, they could do just fine with word of mouth and walk in traffic. How are these advertising methods working for your business these days? Chances are, not that great…

So what changed? Well the Internet, Smart Phones and Web 2.0 Social Media sites like MySpace and YouTube totally changed the way consumers search and share information, purchase products and services, while at work, at home and on the go!

There is no denying that the Internet is the place where your customers and clients are, and where your business NEEDS TO BE! But WHERE do you start?

At On The Web Video we believe that the most powerful, and most untapped marketing strategy for LOCAL and National Companies is Online Video Marketing.

Think of the BILLIONS of searches that happen on the Internet every single day…and just know that 60% of all that search engine traffic is ONLINE VIDEO! Yes…VIDEO is what consumers are looking for, and the best way to out rank, and out perform your competition is by using effective online video marketing strategies.

Learn more about the 7 Top Benefits of Online Video Marketing by watching the short video on this page, and then watch
BOTH VIDEOS on our VIDEO RESULTS PAGE to see how Powerful a Video Marketing Campaign can be for your LOCAL Business!

After you’ve viewed the videos and listened to the audios on our Video Marketing Services Page, we know you’ll be EXCITED!

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